With the recent pandemic shutdown, many artists found themselves in trouble with no savings and no income. Even those whose primary employment was not tied to the music industry found themselves without a paycheck.

The sad truth is, most people do not have a plan should anything disrupt their income stream.

We teach the basics, from saving a small percentage of your income for emergencies to re-investing your money in your career to get you into a much healthier place, financially.

Learn about budgeting, credit, insurance, bartering, monetizing your social media, merchandising and more. There are also other ways to invest and other income streams that can help you reach your goals, whether it is putting together a recording project or taking the band on tour.

We can also show you how to identify income streams for artists, from grants to solid employment.

You don’t have to be a musician to learn about money, but you do need to learn about money to become a successful musician.