2023 New Mexico Music Awards Ad Rates

Thousands of customers in your target demo visit and respond to our website and social media and sell out our annual banquet and show every May. This is your opportunity to market your product or service to music industry professionals including producers, artists, engineers, managers, publicists, songwriters, record company execs and recording studio owners and their affiliates.

We offer customized sponsorship including single performances to title sponsorship. Sponsorship begins with payment and receipt of artwork and is active for a full calendar year from date your ad is added to the website.

Take a look at what we have to offer and connect with us here to find out more.

NMMA Title Sponsor $20,000.00

Your annual sponsorship includes above the title sponsorship, i.e., (Your company name) presents the New Mexico Music Awards (event); broadcast rights to the event; banner advertising on the website that will link viewers directly to your website including video links; logo and link to your company website on NMMA social media; exclusive sponsorship logos in all print advertising and exclusive sponsorship mentions in all other media advertising; center two page event program ad; sponsorship of the pre-show reception; prominent stage banner placement at all NMMA events for one year; a product table for sampling at your discretion at the event and all NMMA events for one year; product demos on site or at our retailer prior to the event; one banquet table the night of the event for up to eight guests; resort hotel accommodations for four guests for up to two nights at the host hotel in Albuquerque the weekend of the event.

NMMA Premium Sponsor $5000.00

This annual sponsorship includes website placement including a link to your company website; rotating sponsorship mentions in all social media; sponsorship mentions during the event; rotating sponsorship tags on all media advertising; below the title logos in all print advertising; back cover full page event program ad; banner placement at the event; banner placement at one additional NMMA event; product table for product sampling at the event and up to two additional events per year; four guest tickets to the event; hotel accommodations for two guests for one night at the host hotel in Albuquerque the night of the event.

NMMA Patron Sponsor $2500.00

This annual sponsorship includes logo and website link on our website; sponsorship mentions during the event; banner placement outside the hall during the event; a full page ad inside back cover of the event program; promotional material distribution and/or product sampling outside the hall during the event; four guest tickets to the event.

NMMA Participating Sponsor $1000.00

This annual sponsorship includes logo and website link on the NMMA website; sponsorship mentions during the event; banner placement outside the hall during the event; a one-half page event program ad; promotional material distribution and/or product sampling outside the hall during the event; two guest tickets to the event.

NMMA Local Sponsor $500.00

Local clubs, venues, restaurants, studios, printers and other businesses provide vital support for musicians and songwriters. Includes sponsorship mentions at the show, banner placement outside the hall, promotional material distribution at the event, placement on our sponsorship page on the website. Want to stand out during the awards? Consider the following:

Sponsor a major category (Best Producer, Best of the Year, Best Pop CD, etc.) or group of single categories during the show. Sponsor one of five live performances at the event. Sponsor an educational workshop prior to the event or during the year.

In Kind Sponsorship

Provide a service, equipment or product giveaway and receive your logo or ad on our website, a link to your website and tickets to the event. In kind value determines ad placement and other perks including program advertising, tickets to the banquet, banner placement, sponsorship mentions and much more. Dollar for dollar retail value on all in kind sponsorship above $2000.00.

Educational Opportunities starting at $350.00

The New Mexico Music Awards provides free, ongoing workshops for songwriters, artists, engineers, songwriters, producers and other interested parties. These seminars present information about copyright, music law, instrumentation, songwriting, production, performance tech and recording technologies, marketing to film and television and how New Mexicans can more fully participate in the global music community. Each workshop features a local music industry professional talking about their area of expertise and is a 60-minute presentation followed by a 30-minute Q&A. Workshops require no special set-up.

Special Programming-Price varies according to incurred costs

The New Mexico Music Awards produces special programming year-round that include technical and creative workshops with guest artists like Kevin Eubanks (The Tonight Show with Jay Leno), Nathan East (Phil Collins/Eric Clapton), Jim Riley (Rascal Flatts), instruction and programming that benefits the New Mexico community.

Concert Performances-$300.00-$800.00

The New Mexico Music Awards features local songwriters in concert as part of the Songwriters’ Initiative series statewide. Songwriters discuss their songwriting method, influences and music.

Therapeutic Songwriting Workshops-$150.00 / sponsored participant.

These workshops help those coping with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome express their experiences through music. The program, originally produced for veterans has inspired us to expand to others suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome including police, firefighters and other first responders, victims of sexual assault and domestic violence. This daylong workshop is free to participants.

Music in Film Advocacy-$300.00 / event.

This special event brings together film makers, casting directors, film production companies, music supervisors and musicians to collaborate on promoting local music to film and television being shot in New Mexico. Our film and music workshops are designed to educate and advocate for New Mexico film and music industry professionals.

2023 Website Listing-$250.00 + tax for one year.

Includes logo and link to your website on our sponsorship page. Sponsorship begins with payment and is active for a full calendar year from date your logo goes online. Logos must be in a jpeg format.

Customize Your Sponsorship

Do you have an idea for sponsorship? A demo, product placement, attendee gift or other idea? We can customize our program to you needs. Call or write and we’ll discuss the direction you’d like to take. Custom sponsorship cost is determined by the design and execution costs of the sponsorship.

2023 Banquet Program Advertising Rates

Program is 8 ½” X 11” but may also be larger in size.
Full Page $550.00 + tax 7” (W) x 10” (H)
Half Page $300.00 + tax 3 ¾” (W) x 10” (H) vertical or 5” (W) x 7” (H) horizontal
Quarter Page $150.00 + tax 3 ¾” (H) x 5” (W)

Advertiser must supply digital artwork and payment are by April 25th, 2023. To reserve your ad space or for more information please email contactnewmexicomusicawards@gmail.com

For check or money order payments, please include full payment payable to the New Mexico Music Awards. Send check or money order to: NMMA 408 Phoenix Avenue NW Albuquerque, NM 87107 or let us invoice you via PayPal for credit card payment through our secure PayPal portal online.

Eric Larson Endowment Contributions

Make a significant contribution to the Eric Larson Endowment at the University of New Mexico in any amount and have your name listed on the donor page of the endowment website. Become a Silver, Gold or Platinum donor and get some cool perks like tickets to the banquet, private performances by some of our award-winning artists, rock memorabilia and much more. If you have product, you’d like to donate for auction to raise money for the Eric Larson Endowment, the UNM Foundation will provide you with documentation for tax purposes as to the value of the in-kind donation. Reach out to us at contactnewmexicomusicawards@gmail.com for more information.

Platinum Donor-$2000.00 Gold Donor-$1000.00 Silver Donor-$500.00

To donate directly online, go to ericlarsonendowment.com

New Mexico Originals Film Project

The New Mexico Music Awards in conjunction with Sky City Productions of Santa Fe is producing a film series about artists and events that are uniquely New Mexican. The film project archives these pioneers of the New Mexico music scene, their music, lives and work. Two documentaries, “Mariachi Spetacular”, “Lewie Wickham-A New Mexico Original” and the veteran composed music videos “Put My Mind at Ease”, “I’m Afraid I Can’t” and “These Are Not My Stars” are available for viewing online. We are looking for investors to help us complete this film project. This is your opportunity to get into the film industry at the ground level. Sponsorship, in kind donations of equipment, loan of archival photographs, music, film or other relevant materials are also welcome.

If you want to know more, connect with us here.