What are the New Mexico Music Awards?

The New Mexico Music Awards program promotes New Mexico musicians, songwriters, producers, recording engineers and other New Mexico music industry professionals globally. In addition, the NMMA produces an awards ceremony held annually in the spring where we recognize the best in music produced in the previous calendar year.

The NMMA also produces workshops throughout the year for music industry amateurs and pros on the business of music, the recording process, songwriting technique, marketing and much more.

Can anyone enter the New Mexico Music Awards?

The awards program is open to all music produced and recorded within the state of New Mexico. This means that the project has to have been recorded, produced and engineered in New Mexico. Both amateur and professional recording artists are welcome to enter. Projects produced outside of New Mexico are not eligible. For a complete list of entry rules, go to newmexicomusicawards.com/nmma-entry-rules/

Do you have to be from New Mexico to enter?

No. Many projects produced in New Mexico are by artists from outside the state and, indeed, from around the world. Artists as diverse as John Carter, Snoop Dogg, Mariah Carey, Cynthia Clawsen and Peter, Paul & Mary have produced music in New Mexico recording studios.

Does a project have to have been recorded in a commercial or professional recording studio to enter?

No. Home recordings are eligible for entry and consideration into the program.

Is there a fee to enter the annual awards program?

Yes. There is a $27.00 entry fee (includes applicable sales tax) for each entry into the program.

When are the awards presented?

The awards are presented in May during a banquet and show that includes performances of finalists and presentation of the awards in over 40 categories.

Do you have to be present to win?

No. Attending the banquet is not a prerequisite for winning an award.

What type of music is recognized?

We have over 40 categories recognizing most styles of music including Americana, Jazz, Country, Modern Rock, World Music, Hip-Hop, R&B, Rap, Singer/Songwriter, Western, Children’s Music, Folk, and others. We also award performance awards for Best Vocal, Best Arrangement and Best instrumental as well as awards for Best Producer and Best of the Year. For a complete list of categories, go to newmexicomusicawards.com/awar-categories