2013 New Mexico Music Award Winners

The 26th Annual New Mexico Music Awards banquet and show took place on on Sunday, May 19th, 2013 at Sandia Resort & Casino in Albuquerque and featured performances by hONEeyhoUSe, Randy Granger, Jazz Brasileiro, CW Ayon, Rushingwind & Mucklow, Transit and the Country Blues Revue. We also presented a scholarship to Sean Trauth, a local producer and engineer attending UNM. that evening. Thanks to our sponsors Grandma’s Music & Sound, Quickbeam Systems and Hi Fidelity Mastering.

The 2013 program fielded 471 entries in 41 categories from across New Mexico.

Eric Larson Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient-Arlen Asher

Legendary New Mexico reed and woodwind instrumentalist Arlen Asher was honored at the awards show. Asher contributed mightily to the New Mexico jazz music scene, performing with many of the top names in music and with nearly every jazz musician in New Mexico at one time or another.

Asher opened his woodwind studio in 1965 in Albuquerque after retiring from broadcasting, long before the jazz scene in New Mexico took off. Many of the state’s top reed players studied with him and he inspired countless others.

Asher passed away at the age of 91 in October of 2020. His jazz and music education legacy is incalculable.

The Eric Larson Endowment at UNM provides unrestricted funds for juniors or seniors who have chosen music or the recording arts as their major and have maintained a 3.0 GPA. Eric Larson was co-founder of the New Mexico Music awards and passed away in 2005. The New Mexico Music Awards contributes annually to the scholarship fund. To donate, go to ericlarsonendowment.com

Listed in order by title, artist, producers and studio unless otherwise indicated.

Adult Contemporary


Denise Marsa

Denise Marsa, Andy Gabrys

Kitchen Sink Studio



E. Christina Herr & Wild Frontier

E. Christina Herr & Martin Rowell

Western Gothic Productions


End Of My Rope

CW Ayon

Cooper Ayon

Image Recording Studios


Family Secrets

The Hard Road Trio

James McLaughlin & the Hard Road Trio

The Cave


I Ain’t Got You

The Country Blues Revue

Bill Palmer, Michael Handler, Marc Malin

Frogville Studios


Aint Nothing Better Than That

Matthew Lowe, Michael Jaramillo, & Hakim Bellamy

Matthew Lowe & Michael Jaramillo

TuMan Productions

Indie Rock

Young Man

Like Anyone Else

M. Gifford, R. Farley, K. Pascoe & B. Sloan

Eagle Rock





Casa Blanca Productions


Bella Isabel

Nacha Mendez

Margarita Cordero (Nacha Mendez)

Nacha Music

Mainstream Rock

Set Me Free

Frank Hannon Band

Ysidro Garcia

Sight 16 Studios


Too Late


Ysidro Garcia

Sight 16 Studios

Native American

Protected (Beauty All Around)

Saving Damsels

Saving Damsels


New Age Contemporary

The Light of Integration

Jim Oliver

Jim Oliver

Oliver Music Studios


Cowboy Politics

Richard Martin

Glenn Martin and Richard Martin

Eagle Rock Studios



The Bus Tapes

Case Tanner, Heather Tanner, and DJ-darth

King’s Court


Oh Me, Oh My

Domestic Violence

John Wall

Wall of Sound


Makin’ Love in Outerspace

Peter Williams

Jeff Nelson

Audio for Visual Studios



Zen Tempest

Likwd and Jacy Oliver

Warehouse 21


Great Physician

Jeff Kidwell

Chuck Lucero

Shepherds Studio


Something About

Lisa Carman

Lisa Carman

Kabby Sound


Many A Mile

Richard Martin

Glenn Martin and Richard Martin

Eagle Rock Studio

World Beat

Return (To Your Glory)

Rushingwind & Mucklow

Michael Mucklow

Mucklow Productions

Best Arrangement/Original


Dan Dowling

Dan Dowling

Rick Hale Productions

Best Cover

Mas Que Nada

Jazz Brasileiro

Tony Cesarano. Debo Orlofsky

Electric Company Studio

Best Instrumental Performance

3 A.M.

Wayne Reynolds

Wayne Reynolds, Logan Nix

Eagle Rock Studios

Best Mastering Engineer

Blane Sloan

Richard Martin-Tattoo On My Heart

Best Recording Engineer

David Cragin

Kito Peters-Can I Tell You

Best Song

Fire on the Hill


Hillary Smith, Mandy Buchannon & Yvonne Perea-Composers

Best Vocal Performance

Ou es-tu? (Where are you?)

Faith Amour

John Rangel

Turtle Creek Media

Best Music Video

Little White Lies

Jeez LaWeez

Nancy Harvin

Best Packaging Design

The Hard Road Trio-Monticello

James McLaughlin & the Hard Road Trio

Best Country CD

Lights of Santa Fe

Cathy Faber’s Swingin’ Country Band

Jono Manson & Cathy Faber

Kitchen Sink Studio

Best Jazz CD

Tribute Trio Dedications Volume II

John Rangel, Michael Glynn, Cal Haines

John Rangel

Free 2 Earth Music Studio

Best Pop CD


Liv Lombardi

Liv Lombardi, Daniel Siuba, David Badstubner

CMP Studios

Best Rock CD

Just ASK

Alien Space Kitchen

John Wall

Wall of Sound

Norman Petty Producer’s Award

John Wall & hONEyhoUSe

Medicine Lodge


Wall Of Sound

Best of the Year

Capital Dreams

Kito Peters, Simon Snaize, David Cragin

Simon Snaize, Kito Peters

Santa Fe Soundworks