2008 New Mexico Music Awards Winners

The 21st Annual New Mexico Music Awards were presented on Sunday, May at the Marriott Pyramid North in Albuquerque and featured performances from Shuanne Love, Robert Mirabal, Elu’, Rebecca OWen and Open Road, Cristen Grey and Le Chat Lunatique. Guest presenters included Jannae Herrera from 93.3 KKOB FM, Dan Mayfield of the Albuquerque Journal, Juan Velasco and Ann Perkins from 92.3 KRST, Nancy Laflin, Executive Director of the New Mexico Music Commission and City of Albuquerque Music Liason, Tom Frouge. zguests included four Grammy Award winners and six Grammy nominees, a tradition that we would continue in succeeding years. Thanks to our sponsors Grandma’s Music & Sound and Quickbeam Systems.

The 2008 program fielded 461 in 37 categories from across New Mexico.

Eric Larson Lifetime Achievement Award recipients

Kurt Jaekel and Gary Mathews of Quickbeam Systems

Kurt and Gary founded Quickbeam systems in 1978, providing audio for community groups, churches, touring bands…anyone they could convince needed a better sound. They soon expanded into lighting and became the premiere audio, lighting and video company for events in New Mexico and the southwest. They have provided sound for such luminaries as Ringo Starr’s All Star Band, Crosby, Stills & Nash, Puddle of Mudd and nearly every touring company coming through the southwest. The group began providing audio, lighting and video for the NMMA’s in the mid 90’s and have bee a co-sponsor of the event ever since.

The Eric Larson Endowment at UNM provides unrestricted funds for juniors or seniors who have chosen music or the recording arts as their major and have maintained a 3.0 GPA. Eric Larson was co-founder of the New Mexico Music awards and passed away in 2005. The New Mexico Music Awards contributes annually to the scholarship fund. To donate, go to ericlarsonendowment.com

The awards are listed as follow unless otherwise specified:






Studio name and location

Adult R & B

Must Be An Angel
Michael Herndon featuring Dimi Disante
Michael Herndon & Daniel Johnson-Writers
Daniel Johnson & Michael Herndon-Producers
Daniel Johnson & Guy A. Harris-Engineers
The Umbrella-Albuquerque


Nine-Mile Hill
Kevin Hughes
Kevin Hughes-Writer / Producer
Kevin Hughes
Blane Sloan, Roger Baker-Engineers
Eagle Rock-Albuquerque


222 Blues
Rumaldo Ortiz
Rumaldo Ortiz-Writer /Producer / Engineer
Oh Gee! Digital Recording Studio-Santa Fe


Boundary Line
Jon Gold, Rob Watt, Unstrung Heroes
Jon Gold & Rob Watt-Writers
Andy Byrd-Producer
Andy Byrd & Jon Gold-Engineers
Dead Horse Studio-Taos


Count Me In
Lisa Carman
Lisa Carman-Writer / Producer
Michael Chavez-Engineer
Stepbridge Studio-Santa Fe


Coco O’Connor
Coco O’Connor-Writer
Taylor O’Connor & David Cragin-Producers
David Cragin-Engineer
The Eagles Nest-Cerrillos


Look Back
Matthew Lowe, Michael Jaramillo & Colin Darby
Matthew Lowe, Michael Jaramillo & Colin Darby-Writers
Matthew Lowe & Michael Jaramillo-Producers
Matthey Lowe-Engineer
TuMan Productions-Albuquerque

Hispanic-Traditional Style

Una Tarde Lluviosa
Fabian Martinez-Writer
Matthew Martinez-Producer / Engineer
Martinez Recording Studio-Albuquerque

Hispanic-Contemporary/Salsa/Latino Rhythm

Kathleen’s New World
Randy Rane
Randy Rane-Writer
Randy Rane & Ivan Rane-Producers / Engineers
Rane Studios-Santa Fe


miss lady
Le Chat Lunatique
Muni Kulasinghe-Writer
Le Chat Lunatique-Producer
Debo Orlofsky-Engineer
Big Rock Studio-Albuquerque

Native American-Traditional

Gourd Songs
Walter Ahhaitty & Friends
Walter Ahhaitty-Writer
Tom Bee-Producer
Brandon Friesen-Engineer
Santa Fe Center Studio-Albuquerque

Native American-Contemporary

Joy Harjo & Larry Mitchell
Joy Harjo-Writer
Larry Mitchell-Producer / Engineer
Insatiable Studios Southwest-Santa Fe

New Age/Contemporary

Walking Through Time
Jeffrey Mettling & Julian Rivera-Writers
Jeffrey Mettling-Producer / Engineer
Trinity Studio-Albuquerque


Buy Local
Kathleen Sabo
Kathleen Sabo-Writer / Producer / Engineer
Voice and Verse-Albuquerque


Shunnae Love & Larry Mitchell
Shunnae Love-Writer
Larry Mitchell-Producer / Engineer
Insatiable Studios Southwest-Santa Fe

Rock-Adult Contemporary

So Much Better
Cristen Grey & Brian Widger
Cristen Grey-Writer
Cristen Grey & Brian Widger-Producers / Engineers
Tire House Studios-Santa Fe


Dance Like a Ghost
David Alyassin, JeffreyMettling, Andrew Click
David Alyassin-Writer
Jeffrey Mettling-Producer
Jeffrey Mettling & Andrew Click-Engineers
Trinity Studio-Albuquerque / Stepbridge Studio-Santa Fe


Way to Go Romeo
Good As Dead
Jesse Mee, Craig Berry, SamBlankenship, Jeremy Yazzie-Writers
John Wall & Good As Dead-Producers
John Wall-Engineer
Wall of Sound-Albuquerque


Blind Dryve
Blind Dryve-Writers
Blind Dryve, Ysidro R. Garcia-Porducers
Ysidro R. Garcia-Engineer
Sight 16 Studios-Albuquerque


For The Last Time
J. Douglas Geist, Gered Grebe
Gered Grebe-Writer
J. Douglas Geist-Producer / Engineer
Santa Fe Center Studio-Albuquerque


Vivian Thompson
Vivian Thompson-Writer
Greg Martin-Producer
Jon Gold, Omar Rane, Greg Martin & Andy Byrd-Engineers
Dead Horse Studio/Tone Palace-Taos

World Beat

Gotta Know
Native Roots
John Williams & Emmett Garcia-Writers
John williams & Shkeme Garcia-Producers
John Williams-Engineer
Irie Culture Studios-Albuquerque

Best Arrangement of an Original Composition

Brave New World
Robert Mirabal & Star Road Records
Robert Mirabal, Andy Byrd-Writers
Andy Byrd-Producer
Andy Byrd & Jon Gold-Engineer
Deadhorse Studio-Taos

Best Recording Engineer

Andy Byrd & Jon Gold-Engineer
Brave New World-Robert Mirabal
Robert Mirabal, Andy Byrd-Writers
Andy Byrd-Producer
Deadhorse Studio-Taos

Best Instrumental Performance

Michael Anthony-Nostalgia
De Sylva, Jolson, Rose-Writers
Lone Guitar Publishing
Sid Fendley-Engineer
Mountain Road Recording-Albuquerque

Best Recording of a Live Performance

Reservation Of Education
Tom Bee, Mac Suazo & Michael Valvano-Writers
Tom Bee-Producer
J. Douglas Geist-Engineer
Santa Fe Center Studio-Albuquerque

Best Remake

Scarborough Fair
Public Domain
Jeffrey Mettling-Producer / Engineer
Trinity Studio-Albuquerque

Best Song

Peace by Piece (song for Tessa)
Busy McCarroll
Busy McCarroll-Writer / Producer
Baird Banner-Engineer
Kludgit Sound-Cerrillos

Best Vocal Performance

Ooh, Baby
Joan Griffin, Melvin Crisp, Bob Barron
W. Robinson, W. Moore-Writers
Ed Schultz, Randy Clark and Combo Special-Producers
Ed Schultz, Randy Clark-Engineers
Zuzax Trax-Tijeras

Best Artist’s Website

design by
George Palziwaski, Larry Mitchell

Best Packaging Design

Michael Anthony-Nostalgia
design by
Richard Kilmer

Best Pop CD

Kito Peters, Simon Snaize, David Cragin
The Eagle’s Nest-Cerrillos

Best Rock CD

Dance Like A Ghost
J Mettling, S Howell, S Widdowson, D Cragin, J Lopez

Best Producer

Greg Martin
Hot Water-Vivian Thompson
Dead Horse Studio/Tone Palace

Best of the Year

Hot Water – Vivian Thompson
Greg Martin – Producer
Dead Horse Studio / Tone Palace-Taos