After a recent problem with all of our sites and with the pandemic in full swing, we decided that we might as well update and upgrade all of our websites. Rest assured that all of our archival information is intact.

We want to make sure that we represent New Mexico artists, songwriters, producers, recording engineers and studios in every part of the state.

Rebuilding the site takes a bit of time. Right now, we have basic information up like information on categories, entry rules, how to become a sponsor and how to connect with us.

We’ll be adding new features like photo and video archives, up to date posts about your latest releases, shows and workshops. There will be educational material on everything from how to copyright your music recording and getting your music into film and TV.

Feel free to take a look around the site and familiarize yourself with the new menus and features.

We’re considering some new designs and so you may see the site changing as we find the best template that we think represents all of us as New Mexico music professionals.

We’ll have all of the rules, categories, forms and information you’ll need to enter the 2021 NMMAs.