2005 New Mexico Music Industry Association Award Winners

The 17th Annual New Mexico Music Industry Awards was delayed by a month because of the death of Eric Larsson, Co-founder of the New Mexico Music Industry Coalition (later the NM Music Awards) in April of 2005.

On Sunday, June 26th, 2005 the awards were held at the Marriot Pryramid North in Albuquerque in memory of Larson, the driving force behind the awards program. He would often take on the task of acquiring judges, write a show script and handle the overall production of the program. There were performances by the Michael Anthony Trio, Doreen Martinez, Russell “Doc” Metzger and the Hollis Wake.

The show introduced the Eric Larson Music Endowment at the University of New Mexico, established by the Larson family and the NMMIA.

The endowment will be used to assist University of New Mexico juniors and seniors who have declared majors in music or a related field, and who maintain a 3.0 grade point average. It will be presented annually at the MIC awards show.

The Eric Larson Endowment at UNM provides unrestricted funds for juniors or seniors who have chosen music or the recording arts as their major and have maintained a 3.0 GPA. Eric Larson was co-founder of the New Mexico Music awards and passed away in 2005. The New Mexico Music Awards contributes annually to the scholarship fund. To donate, go to ericlarsonendowment.com

Winners are listed as follows except where otherwise indicated:



Best Website

The Soar Corporation for

Best Packaging Design

Bogey for
Rock Art

Best Musical Production-Novelty/Humorous

Debo & Alpha Blue for
Ain’t Life Grand

Best Musical Production-Country

Russell “Doc” Metzger & Ken Riley for
A Home Blessed With Love

Best Musical Production-Folk/Americana

Pedro Marquez for
Cowcamp Moon

Best Musical Production-New Age Contemporary

Dave Williams & Tim Veltkamp for

Best Musical Production-Jazz

Michael Anthony for

Best Musical Production-Adult Contemporary

Madi Sato, Patricia Riggan & Larry Mitchell for
Rising Sun

Best Instrumental Performance

Martinez, Friedlander, Miner, Santiago, Robledo, Gutierrez for
Some Skunk Funk

Best Vocal Performance

Scott Affleck for
The Secret Chant of Sleeping Giants

Best Arrangement of an Original Composition

Michael Anthony for

Best Musical Production-Native American

Ronald Roybal for
Sacred Mountain

Best Musical Production-Traditional Style Hispanic

Doreen Martinez for
Que Haiga Paz

Best Musical Production-World Beat

Brule for
Buffalo Moon

Best Remake

Amber Felicia & Daryl Piper for
Got To Be There

Best Musical Production-Religious/Gospel

Gilberta Miera for
I’m Free

Best Musical Production-Rhythm & Blues

Madi Sato & Patricia Riggan for
One Moment

Best Musical Production-Hip Hop

Big Rich Tha Don for

Best Musical Production-Rap

Skinnyfat for
Bigger Than You

Best Musical Production-Alternative Rock

The Hollis Wake for
Just Let Go

Best Musical Production-Electronica

Dare N Wade & Peter Gonzales for
Dancing In Your Rain

Best Musical Production-Punk

The Hollis Wake for
Paper Doll

Best Musical Production-Metal

E Ocean, R Chase, C Martin, C Robberts, J Turner for

Best Musical Production-Mainstream Rock

The Hollis Wake for
The End (again)

Best Recording Engineer

Jon Gold & Omar Rane for
Let The Cotton Go

Best Song

Todd Lowry for
Hello Santa (For A Soldier)

Best Producer

Tom Bee, Robby Bee & Paul LaRoche for
The Collection

Best CD of the Year

Michael Anthony for
New Journey