2000 New Mexico Music Industry Coalition Award Winners

The 13th Annual New Mexico Music Industry Coalition Awards were held on April 13th, 2000 at the Albuquerque Convention Center and featured performances from Susan Clark, Consuelo Luz, Elliott Rogers, Guajira and Zero Hour. Guest presenters included Terry & Ron from 103.3 FM K-Bull, Tony & Miles from Hot New Country 92.3 KRST, Nina Diamante and Emmy winning songwriter Harriet Schock. Our MC’s were Tom Rutherford and Catheryn McGill.

The 2000 awards also saw the initiation of the Elena Maes Memorial Award. The award was presented in the name of Maes by her family. Elena Maes was a vocalist and songwriter who worked with many of New Mexico’s most talented and diverse artists. Maes had volunteered with the MIC Awards beginning in 1994. In 1996, she was diagnosed with LUPUS and sadly, passed away from the disease in 1999 at the age of 25. The family decided that the best way to memorialize her was through her love of music.

After a few years, the family ended its involvement with the MIC Awards and the award was replaced with the Eric Larson Lifetime Achievement Award in 2005.

2000 Elena Maes Memorial Award Recipient-Lorenzo Pimentel

At the age of 14, Lorenzo Pimentel began apprenticing at his brothers’ guitar-making shop in Mexico.   His passion for the craft helped him advance quickly, and soon after he was building guitars on his own.   At the age of 23, he came to the United States where he began making guitars in a violin store.   In 1951, he moved to Carlsbad, NM where he opened his own shop.   It wasn’t long before he’d mastered creating exquisite classical guitars.   Four of his sons each embraced his legacy, and six decades later, the family name is known around the world as one of the best family guitar makers alive.

Pimentel’s guitars are played by the most prominent guitar players in the world. Each is hand built, the wood selected for each artist. Lorenzo Pimentel passed away in 2010 at the age of 82, but left a legacy of fine guitar building that will last for years to come. 

Listed as follows unless otherwise indicated





Best Musical Production-Adult Contemporary

Susan Clark

Indiana Weather

Scott Swezy

Zuzax Trax

Best Musical Production-Alternative Rock

Jet Black Jet


Steven Maes & Anthony Sias

Broadway Studio & Water Studio

Best Arrangement-Previous Work

Consuelo Luz

Las Estreyas

Consuelo Luz, Jim Wilson, Jeff Silberman & Ray Obiedo

Stepbridge Studios, Fantasy Records, Werewolf Recording

Best Arrangement Original

Stuart MacAskie & Catheryn McGill

This Way Out

Stuart MacAskie & Catheryn McGill

Santa Fe Center Studios & One On One Studios

Best Musical Production-Blues

Susan Clark

Chip’s Blues

Scott Swezy

Zuzax Trax

Best Musical Production Country

Ginger Griffith

It’s Love

Ron Sanborn

Moon Music & Sound

Best Musical Production- Dance Oriented Rock/Techno

Jeff Mettro


Jeff Mettling

Metro Production Studios

Best Engineer

Eric Larson

Loving Molly

Kevin Hughes

Santa Fe Center Studios

Best Musical Production-Folk

Jaime Michaels

Steal Light

S. Widdowson

Best Instrumental Performance

Melissa Henrie, Marshall Henrie & Cynthia Mrazek Pyne

It Happened Very Long Ago

Melissa Henrie, Marshall Henrie

Junkyard Studios & High Desert Recording

Best Musical Production-Jazz

Susan Clark

Take Me Home

Scott Swezy

Zuzax Trax

Best Musical Production-Mainstream Rock

Zero Hour & Tim Stroh

Becoming My Enemy

Zero Hour & Tim Stroh

Stepbridge Studios

Best Musical Production-Metal

III Peters Gabriel, Torma Jesse Rodriguez, Tim Ju


Jim Agnew & Gabriel Torma

High Desert Recording

Best Musical Production-Novelty/Humorous

Edwin Tucker & Jim Agnew

The Pokemon

Jim Agnew

High Desert Recording

Best Musical Production-New Age/Eclectic

Roark Barron


Roarark Barron


Best Musical Production-Original Modern Classic

Lyra Barron


Lyra Barron

Lucious Music Studios

Best Packaging Design

Busy McCarrol & Susan Holmes

Bar Bar Ella-The Beatnik Spy Music Files

Susan Holmes (Graphic Illustrator)

Busy McCarrol & Jeff Nelson

Kludigt Sound

Best Musical Production-R&B

TVA Parker

Mr. Wrong

Big Houze Records

Studio 3

Best Musical Production-Rap

Big Houze Records/Strife aka Illest

Deep Impact

Big Houze Records

Studio 3

Best Recording of a Live Performance

The Gagan Brothers Band

Professor Noise

The Gagan Brothers Band

Catamount Bar & Grill by Stacey Parrish Water Studios

Best Musical Production-Reggae/World Beat

Consuelo Luz

Ki Mitsion

Consuelo Luz & Jim Wilson

Stepbridge Studios

Best Musical Production-Religious

Dave & Dionne Archibeck & Becca

Exult the Lord

Coulter & Archibeck

Old Town Recording Studios

Best Remake

Danny Winn & the Earthlings

Africa (Ska Style)

Danny Winn & Jeff Mettling

Mettro Production Studios

Best Musical Production-Salsa/Latino



Chuck Coulter

Old Town Recording Studio

Best Song

Elliot Rogers

Forever You & I

Best Musical Production-Traditional Style Hispanic

Impacto Nortena & Santa Fe Center Sound

Mato a Sueldo

Impacto Nortena

Santa Fe Center Studios

Best Vocal Performance

Susan Clark

Take Me In Your Arms

Scott Swezy

Zuzax Trax

Best Producer


The Farmer’s Daughter


Thunderbird Recording & Santa Fe Center Studios

Best Album of the Year

Busy McCarrol & Jeff Nelson

Bar Bar Ella-The Beatnik Spy Music Files

Busy McCarrol & Jeff Nelson

Kludigt Sound